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Page Brand Generator - PHP/CGI Scripts

Now You and Your Affiliates Can Brand Whole Pages Instantly At The Click of a Button! Itīs Never Been Easier to Make It Dead Easy For Affiliates To Promote Your Products!

Have you ever wanted to make life easier for your affiliates, so that instead of wasting their time branding your solo letters and advertisements manually they can spend more time promoting you?

Do you know how tedious it is to change throughout a website?

You want to make it as easy as possible for your affiliates to promote YOU as much as possible so you have the potential to make obscene amounts of money.

That is precisely why Page Brand Generator was created. Letīs get right to the point.

If you want to Save Time, make it Dead EASY and Painless for Affiliates to Promote your products then Page Brand Generator is for you.

What is Page Brand Generator?
Page Brand Generator is simply an automatic find and replace system for special %TAGS% within Web Pages and txt files. Check out what it looks like and how easy it is to use.

Itīs just a 3 step process.

1. Fill in the blank fields
2. Hit the īBrandī button
3. Save the File.

Thatīs it, it is so simple a child could do it.

But what can Page Brand Generator do for you?

1. Make it dead easy for your affiliates to īBrandī your articles or WebPages
2. Make any product extremely viral in just minutes
3. Take away the tediousness and painfulness associated with online marketing
4. Makes resell rights and master rights promotional material a breeze to brand
5. Spend more time making money and promoting then changing copy... read more

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 Product Highlight
114 Power Scripts - PHP/CGI Scripts

This package contains a whopping 114 scripts all conveniently located in one place. Please see the description for a full list of scripts including in this amazing package.

1. 401 Neutralizer
2. Access Portal Analyzer
3. Affiliate Ad Rotator
4. Agents of Fortune Flat file Version
5. Agents of Fortune PROFESSIONAL
6. Agents Unlimited
7. All WhoIS
8. Any page
9. Automatic MYSQL Backup
10. Secure Email Attachment System
11. Autoresponder System
12. AVS Check
13. Automatic Bookmark
14. Autonic
15. Automatic Useradd
16. Autothumb
17. Bandwidth Valve
18. Banner Rotator
19. Banner Gate
20. Batch Credit Card Processor
21. Black Widow
22. CGI Spammer Jammer
23. Chameleon
24. Clickblaster
25. Clicktraders Link Exchange System
26. Credit Card Fraud Scrubber
27. Cyberstash
28. Database
29. Dbay Auction Software
30. DNS Alert
31. Domain Name Appraiser
32. Domain Name Popularity Scanner
33. Domain Stalker
34. Email Cash Plus
35. Fake Crontab
36. Fake ID
37. File Uploader
38. Form-Mail 2000
39. Form Mail Replicator
40. Free 4 All Link Network
42. Guestbook Replicator
43. Hot Link Nuke
45. HTML Parser
46. HTML Rotator
47. IBILL Processor
48. Installment Plan
49. Internet Postcards
50. Keyword Harvester
51. Land Mine
52. Link Sorter
53. Magic 8 Ball
54. Mail Jacker
55. Mailman
56. Mail Stats
57. Mastergate 58. Match masters
59. Match masters Pro
60. Micro cities
61. Micro Email Extractor
62. Micro search
63. MimeMailer
64. MimeMailer II
65. Multiple Domain Host
66. MXplorer (with modules)
67. Newswire
68. Newsbot
69. Nightly Backup
70. On Hold Domain Scanner
71. Opt In Pro
72. Password Hurler
73. Password Nazi
74. Paypal Shopping Cart
75. PC Authorize Gateway
76. Perl Script Decrypter
77. Poetry Bot
78. ProxyBurner
79. Batch Regular Expression Filter
80. Remote FTP Server
81. Replicating Guestbook
82. Revshare Pro
83. Revshare Toolkit Flatfile System
84. Sales Lead Generator
85. Safelist Pro
86. Site Search Pro
87. Slot Machine
88. Smart Start Page
89. Snake Killer
90. SpamBam
91. Spy Mailer
92. Spam Terminator
93. Stealth Server
94. Supercart
95. Superchat
96. Supercloaker
97. Superclix FLATFILE system
98. Superclix PRO
99. Superfetch
100. Supergate Recurring Billing System
101. Supermall
102.Super Sorter
103. Super Spider
104. Super Whois
105. Webtrendz Superstats
106. Topsites
107. Usenet Autoresponder
108. Usenet Email Extractor
109. Virtual Telnet
110. Vterm for
111. Vterm
112. Wahoo
113. Whois Data Parser
114. Worm Burner... read more

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